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SA President Cyril Ramaphosa congratulates Aber-School Project

Wang Lei    People's Daily Online   13:26, January 16, 2019

President Cyril Ramaphosa congratulates Aber-School Project. 

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa visited Siqongweni School in Pietermaritzburg on Jan. 10 to check on the newly installed bathrooms, installed as part of #SAFEInitiative, which aims to provide safe sanitation facilities for learners. Ramaphosa congratulated Aber-School Project for their achievements.

The Aber-School project currently has 85 students, made up of 25 grade 10 students, alongside 30 students in grade 11 and 25 in grade 12.

All 25 of the grade 12 students passed their recent exams, 10 received distinctions and 12 acquired merit passes, meaning they are now eligible for university application.

The Aber-School Project commenced in April 2017, with an objective to empower impoverished youngsters. Retired teachers offer extra lessons in English, Mathematics and Physical Science on Saturday mornings from 08:30 to 13:00, and Aberdare Cables pays the tutors for their extra time.

The Aber-School Project.

The President of South Africa commended Siqongweni High School for its exemplary effort and for producing excellent results.

President Ramaphosa also congratulated Aberdare Cables for making a difference to the youth of South Africa through the introduction of the Aber-School Project. He encouraged learners to attend extra lessons so they can get the results they desire.

The President also offered to equip the school with a science laboratory and a library, while Aberdare Cables offered to build a computer center.