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Italian flutist forms connection with Shanghai through music

Bartolomeo Audisio, from Italy, is currently the principal flute player of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra is committed to perfection in every detail, providing Audi…


Global 6G Conference Gathers Worldwide Expertise

The 6G Global Perspectives Forum held today served as the pilot event of the 2024 Global 6G Conference, which is scheduled for tomorrow and will last for two days, attracting resea…


U.S. abuses "national security" to justify trade protectionism

Cartoon by Ma Hongliang The U.S. has persistently taken actions to suppress China's electric vehicle manufacturers. Recently, the U.S. government announced that it plans to investi…


Train passengers left in awe of breathtaking golden rapeseed flower fields

Vast expanses of rapeseed fields have turned into enchanting seas of gold in many regions across China, especially central China's Hunan Province and south China's Guangdong Provin…


New quality productive forces empower spring farmland management

Farmland management has taken top priority in agricultural production this season. With the assistance of new quality productive forces, spring farmland management has unfolded acr…

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