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BRI benefits the global community: Montenegrin Ambassador

Yan Shengnan    People's Daily Online   17:33, April 15, 2019

Darko Pajović, ambassador of Montenegro to China, noted on Sunday that the Belt and Road Initiative “is not only a win-win cooperation between Montenegro and China but also benefits every citizen in the world.”

In an interview with People’s Daily Online, he explained that he hopes for more cooperation, especially in infrastructure, trade and people-to-people exchange.

When discussing the promising joint projects underway in Montenegro, Pajović highlighted the north-south highway which CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) and CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation) have promised. “It is the most important and historic project. We expect the first phase to be finished by the middle of next year," he said.

The BRI also provides an excellent opportunity for economic development in Montenegro, particularly under the framework of the 16+1 format, an initiative fostered by China which aims to intensify and expand cooperation with 11 EU Member States and 5 Balkan countries, Montenegro included. “I am optimistic about more trade from China to Montenegro and also from Montenegro to China,” Pajović said, “the mutual investment and cooperation between companies is growing and will continue to do so in the future.”

Although Montenegro is 8,000 kilometers away from China, Pajović believes that there are some shared values which facilitate people-to-people exchanges. Both Chinese and Montenegrin people demonstrate hospitality and hold common views on family relationships. “What’s more, tourists from China to Montenegro reached 100,000 last year, and the number is expected to increase in many fields," Pajović said, adding, “China and Montenegro can enhance cooperation and achieve a win-win situation”.

On the topic of cooperation under the BRI, Pajović said that it not only benefits the Chinese people and those who are part of it but also contributes to the benefit of the global community. “The BRI builds a better connection between Asia and Europe, and Asia and North and South America”, he noted. “I think it is an extremely important and welcome initiative for the whole world.”