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Chinese medical teams extend stay in Sierra Leone for COVID-19 fight

   Xinhua   16:28, July 02, 2020

FREETOWN, July 1 (Xinhua) -- The three Chinese medical teams in Sierra Leone have extended their one-year stay to help fight against the COVID-19 in the West African Country.

Due to the non-availability of flights and the important role they have been playing in complementing the government of Sierra Leone's fight against the COVID-19, the three Chinese medical teams, who arrived in June 2019, have decided to continue working to ensure a healthy society, they said.

The Chinese medical experts have been working side by side and around the clock with their Sierra Leonean counterparts in detecting, diagnosing, and treating COVID-19 cases.

"This year is full of challenges as COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world including China and Sierra Leone," said Hu Zhangliang, Chinese ambassador to Sierra Leone, adding that this year also witnessed even stronger cooperation and closer relations between the two countries as they stand firmly with each other in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.