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Sales of Chinese beer and Georgian wine increase under BRI

Foreign journalists visit the Qingdao Beer Meseum. (Photo/Zhao Shuyan) Foreign journalists of the second media workshop for the Belt and Road News Network (BRNN) were impressed b…


Arab journalists praise cultural fusion in historic Chinese show

Journalists from Arab mainstream media outlets take a photo with the performers. (Photo/ Fifteen senior journalists from Arab mainstream media outlets visited a thea…


Foreign journalists hail China's environmental protection in Lanzhou

Foreign journalists take a selfie along the Yellow River. (Photo/People's Daily Oveseas Edition) The government of Lanzhou, northwest Gansu province, recently converted an abando…


Arab journalists hail Lanzhou beef noodles a work of art

(Photo/People's Daily Online) Fifteen senior journalists from Arab countries visited Hongbinlou, a well-known restaurant in Lanzhou, northwest China, on Oct. 27. During their vis…


BRNN journalists from Arab nations visit Lanzhou

Highlights: Journalists with major news agencies from eight Arab countries including Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Union of Comoros, Lebanon, Mauritania, Sudan and Tunisia, vi…

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