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"A Bright Future Lies Ahead, but not Without Twists and Turns"— The CPC's Debut on the Stage of the United Nations

At the United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco (San Francisco Conference) on the morning of 26 June 1945, a refined and composed senior signed his …


"He is the Representation of Peasants Who Account for 80 Percent of the Population in His Country"— Helen Foster Revealed the Secret to the Success of the Fourth Front Red Army

Inside Red Chinaby Helen Foster After Edgar Snow's stories on Red China caused a great sensation, his wife, Helen Foster, realized that Snow's journey had become part of the hist…


"I saw a completely different China. Yan'an was the shape of things to come in China." — Israel Epstein, the Man Who Helped Xinhua News Agency Send Its First English Dispatch

On 1 September 1944, Xinhua News Agency sent its first English dispatch to the world from a cave in Qingliang Mountain, Yan'an, reporting on the Eighth Route Army, the New Fourth A…


"Here I See China's Hope"— Evans Fordyce Carlson, A "Student" of the Eighth Route Army

Evans Fordyce Carlson was quite special among the foreign journalists to Yan'an. Other than being a passionate, committed journalist who risked his life marching and fighting with …


"CPC Kindled Hope for Many Young People" — Foreign Journalist Walter Bosshard's Experience in Yan'an

Silent Documentary Journey to Yan'anby Walter Bosshard Walter Bosshard, a pioneer of modern photojournalism from Switzerland, was the first European journalist to visit Yan'an an…

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