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24 hours in Hefei, China’s emerging innovation and tech hub

Which city has been the fastest developing city in China in recent years? Many people give the answer: " Hefei!” Two years ago, Hefei's aggregate economic ranking was outside the t…


China's national economy maintains steady progress during first six months of 2024

Photo shows a brightly lit and bustling container terminal of Taicang Port, east China's Jiangsu province, July 9. (People's Daily Online/Yuan Xinyu) China's national economy was g…


In pics: Shanghai welcomes an increasing number of foreign tourists

In July, Shanghai sizzles with heat. Matching the city’s fiery weather, tourists from around the world are flocking to Shanghai with equal fervor. The number of foreign tourists ar…


Bridges double as tourist attractions, boosting local economy in SW China's Guizhou

Photo shows the Yachi River Bridge in Qianxi city, Guizhou Province, southwest China. The cable-stayed bridge has the world's longest main span. (People's Daily Online/Zhou Xunchao…


Endangered gazelle species well-protected in NW China's Qinghai

“Dad, let’s go look for ‘Duojie’.” “Alright, let’s go see it.” Duojie is a one-year old Przewalski’s gazelle. After falling into a ditch shortly after birth, ‘Duojie’ was rescued b…

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