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A Thai Princess who Travels Throughout China

She is the Princess of Thailand, and the first Thai royal family member to visit China. She is the envoy of friendship, and the recipient of China's Friendship Medal. She is adept …


Gentlemen's Agreement Between Deng Xiaoping and Konosuke Matsushita

Over the course of more than four decades of reform and opening-up, China has shown to the world its sincerity, modesty and readiness for cooperation. People in China have never fo…


Richard Frey: An Outstanding Doctor from the Riverbank of the Danube

In the Jin-Cha-Ji Martyrs' Cemetery, Tangxian County, there was the tomb of Richard Frey, an Austrian doctor who devoted his entire life to the Chinese people's fight against Japan…


Lee Kuan Yew on China: "It will do it its way."

Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of modern Singapore, was one of the few world leaders who had met with all generations of the Chinese leadership. It was in 1976 when he first led…


Listening to the Dragon — Fran ois Mitterrand's Three Visits to China

This is a story about a literary aficionado. He loved literature, philosophy and writing. He read works of Chinese writers such as Ba Jin and Cao Yu. He made no secret of his fasci…

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