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10 amazing Belt and Road Initiative projects (10)

      15:10, April 04, 2019

Industrial park project

China-Belarus Industrial Park, Belarus

The China-Belarus Industrial Park is 25 km from Minsk, Belarus, and has attracted global investors and extended its influence to nearby regions. [Photo/Xinhua]

The China-Belarus Industrial Park, located 25 km from Minsk and covering an area of 91.5 square kilometers, is the first special economic area in Belarus and the largest intergovernmental cooperation project between China and Belarus.

The industrial park is stepping up efforts to attract more global investors, with 43 companies registered by the end of February.

Among the 43 companies, 26 are from China, 10 from Belarus, and seven from other countries, like the United States and Russia. The companies have signed agreements to make total investments of more than $1 billion in the park.