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Infrared cameras capture footage of silver pheasants strolling in forest in SW China’s Yunnan

   People's Daily Online   08:15, August 30, 2021

Recently, infrared cameras have captured high-definition footage of sliver pheasants at a provincial nature reserve in Mojiang County, southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Silver pheasants, which are under national second-class protection, feature different colors for each of the two sexes. The male generally appears with an eye-catching white ruffle on its upper body, while the female is brownish in color. As a larger species of its kind, the pheasant feeds widely on insects, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, etc.

Due to habitat destruction, the species has been confronted with a shrinking population in Mojiang for some time now. However, as more and more effort has been put into local ecological conservation in recent years, sliver pheasants have again become frequent visitors in the county's forests.

(Photo/Courtesy of the media convergence center of Mojiang county)