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50 Years Friendship between China and Australia: Australia solar pioneer professor Martin Green

   People's Daily Online   09:01, January 09, 2023


Martin Green is the leading researcher of photovoltaics in New South Wales University. Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1948, he graduated from Queensland University with a bachelor’s degree and earned his doctorate from McMaster University in Canada. He has close ties with the Chinese photovoltaics industry. As the advisor to more than 120 doctorate students, 50 of whom are Chinese, he has cultivated a large number of talents for the Chinese photovoltaics industry. After returning to China, his Chinese students established photovoltaic production facilities in China and around the world, significantly driving down the cost of photovoltaic solar power systems. Since 1984, he has visited China several times to carry out inspection and guidance work. In 2007, in recognition of Green’s huge contributions to talent training and technical guidance of the Chinese photovoltaics industry, the Chinese government awarded him the Chinese Government Friendship Award, the highest honor given to foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the country.