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World Meets Chinese Tea Culture | Stove-boiled tea - An important part of Kazakhs' daily routine

By Ebulayi
09:42, May 24, 2023 People's Daily Online

Milk tea means a lot to Kazakhs.

It is considered an essential part of meals. Kazakhs drink tea during each meal of the day. They make tea whenever friends and relatives come to visit, and ask guests to have another cup of tea before they leave. Some older Kazakhs say nothing feels right if they go a day without tea. If you are invited to have tea in the home of a Kazakh friend or relative, or if you and your Kazakh friends decide to have tea together, you are not actually going to just drink tea, but enjoy a dinner together. To Kazakhs, "go for tea" means "go for dinner". Drinking tea has become an indispensable part of Kazakhs’ lives.

Herders open up to each other over tea. The beverage has witnessed countless heart-touching stories.

May your teapot always boil on the stove, and the aroma of milk tea always linger around you.