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China's BRI brings practical cooperation, benefits: Zimbabwean media

   Xinhua   09:31, May 26, 2023

HARARE, May 25 (Xinhua) -- While the Western countries are stuck in the old imperialist and destructive mindset, China is encouraging peaceful development through its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a Zimbabwean newspaper recently reported.

History has highlighted the iniquitous nature of European contact with other civilizations. It reveals a development model that the Western countries have barely moved away from, characterized by plundering vulnerable countries for their own preservation and wealth, said an article in the newspaper The Herald.

"However, the rise of China has brought an alternative worldview and practical cooperation among nations, a model plucked from China's own history," noted the article "BRI: Vehicle for global cooperation, peace."

The BRI is a transcontinental framework of trade and cooperation involving massive projects that benefit countries within the corridor, it added.