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Dive into the future world of the metaverse at CIFTIS

By Wang Yuheng, Cao Xinyue
09:02, September 06, 2023 People's Daily Online

Shougang No. 1 Blast Furnace SoReal Metaverse Park, which is located in Shougang Park, a venue for the 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), is the world's first fully immersive themed science fiction complex.

Housed in the first blast furnace of the Shougang Group, the metaverse park has retained the blast furnace's original structure and the style of industrial buildings. Cyberpunk elements and stage lighting in the venue make the visitors feel like they have stepped into the metaverse in a steel forest.

5G and XR technologies have given the historical site a new lease of life. VR competitions and technological demonstrations brought by multiple companies allow visitors to feel the tension and excitement of VR games.