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Top 10 Scientific Questions in Electrochemistry Unveiled

By LI Linxu       11:18, April 16, 2024

The Chinese Society of Electrochemistry (CSE) has recently released the top 10 scientific questions in electrochemistry.

The list emerged from a nationwide survey initiated by CSE, aiming to systematically analyze and evaluate key scientific challenges in electrochemistry.

At the top of the list is how to detect or simulate the dynamic structural changes of complex electrochemical interfaces under in-situ/operando conditions at the microscale, and establish their relationships with macroscopic electrochemical performance.

Next is how to understand and regulate the nucleation and growth of metal lithium at the anode, and develop strategies for suppressing dendrite formation.

How to obtain high-performance alkali-metal ion solid-state electrolytes for solid state batteries ranks third.

Other questions involve developing aqueous battery systems with high energy density and multi-electron transfer reaction, designing efficient and long lasting low/non-platinum electrocatalysts, and constructing high-efficiency three-phase interface within a gas diffusion electrode.

The list also includes questions such as deciphering the relationships among human diseases and electron transfer, energy conversion/substance transformation in biological processes, tackling the Shockley-Queisser limit of energy conversion efficiency in solar cell, revealing the kinetic mechanism of multi-steps electrode reactions for a complex corrosion system, and synthesizing high value-added organic chemicals with high efficiency and high selectivity.

Identifying and solving such questions is crucial for the advancement of electrochemistry and its industrial applications, driving innovation in energy storage, conversion, and beyond, said CSE.

Source: Science and Technology Daily