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Book on China's global civilization initiative launched in Cambodia

   Xinhua   08:53, June 24, 2024

PHNOM PENH, June 21 (Xinhua) -- A Khmer-version book titled "Deeper Insights into Global Civilization Initiative (GCI)" was launched in the capital city of Cambodia on Friday.

Authored by Chea Munyrith, president of the Cambodian Chinese Evolution Researcher Association, the book briefs readers of background and objectives of the GCI before going deeper into the initiative and its benefits for humanity.

The GCI is another important public good China has shared with the world in the new era after the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Global Development Initiative (GDI) and the Global Security Initiative (GSI), said Munyrith.

"The GCI has been injecting vigorous impetus into advancing humanity's modernization process and building a community with a shared future for mankind," he told Xinhua at the launching event.

He said the GCI has advocated respect for the diversity of civilizations, common values of humanity, importance of inheritance and innovation of civilizations, and robust international people-to-people exchanges and cooperation.

"The CGI inspires countries to uphold the principles of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness among civilizations, and let cultural exchanges transcend estrangement, mutual learning transcend clashes and coexistence transcend feelings of superiority," the author said.

Munyrith said peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom are the common aspirations of all peoples.

"The GCI has inspired countries to keep an open mind in appreciating the perceptions of values by different civilizations, and to refrain from imposing their own values or models on others and from stoking ideological confrontation," he said.

"I hope that the book will help Cambodian readers gain better insights into the GCI," he added.

Speaking of the book, CMSRRC's Director Neak Chandarith said the GCI holds significant practical value and global importance, providing important means to maintain peace, international cooperation and development through solutions to civilization clashes.

"The GCI respects the diversity of civilizations, and promotes peaceful development and mutual learning among civilizations," he said.

"Together with the BRI, GDI, GSI and the concept of building a community with a shared future for mankind, the GCI has provided the international community with a model for avoiding zero-sum games and achieving win-win development," Chandarith said.