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China's Luoyang adorned with green oases

   People's Daily Online   14:33, June 11, 2021
China's Luoyang adorned with green oases
Photo shows the picturesque scenery in Luoning county, Luoyang. (Photo courtesy of the water resources bureau in Luoyang)

Luoyang city, situated in central China's Henan province, is currently home to picturesque green oases, which includes the Yi River Wetland.

The Yi River Wetland, extending from Yichuan county to Yanshi district in Luoyang, has a total length of 30 kilometers, a green area of 45,000 mu (3,000 hectares), a three-tier road network of more than 100 kilometers, and more than 20 supporting facilities such as public restrooms, post stations and study rooms. Pathways etched along the riverside have served as a vital public space for citizens to entertain themselves.

Thanks to the city's redoubled efforts in recent years, the overall proportion of wetlands in its urban area has reached 12.6 percent, as revealed Wang Jinyang, deputy director of the water resources bureau in Luoyang.