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Diverse applications of new technologies on display at 2024 WAIC

The 2024 World AI Conference (WAIC) and High-Level Meeting on Global AI Governance was held in Shanghai from July 4 to 6, featuring 107 forums, more than 1,500 exhibits and over 50…


Flourishing port development reveals China's reform and opening up in new era

Ports serve as the gateways through which China opens up to the outside world. As China continues to deepen reform across the board, a vast majority of ports in the country have fl…


Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan: Working to continuously consolidate the foundation for building a China-Uzbekistan community with a shared future

Recently, People's Daily Online sent a film crew to Uzbekistan, as part of its "Cultural Silk Road" series, to interview Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan Yu Jun. The discussion cov…


'Flower bank' beautifies village in south China's Guangdong

Photo shows the sign board of a unique "flower bank" in Gekeng village, Hengli township, Dongguan city, south China's Guangdong Province. (Photo/Guangdong provincial committee of t…


Regions across China cultivate livestream hosts to boost rural e-commerce

Members of a cooperative advertise lotus flowers during a livestream in Xiangyang village, Yishan township, Guanyun county, east China's Jiangsu Province. (Photo/Wu Caihong) The em…

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