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China's industrial internet enters period of rapid growth

In recent years, China has witnessed continuous breakthroughs in the development of industrial internet, which has enjoyed significant improvement in network capacity and accelerat…


China constantly improves democratic institutions

In recent years, China has continuously improved its democratic institutions, diversified its forms of democracy, and established more democratic channels, pushing forward with the…


China advances technology-led poverty reduction

Science and technology are fully exploited by China to help its poverty alleviation efforts, which has increased income for huge batches of farmers. Since 2012, China's science a…


China continues enhancing efforts to ensure housing security and supply

A total of 23 million houses have been renovated in China's rundown urban areas in the past five years, which offered secured dwellings for more than 50 million residents. To mee…


China-Europe Railway Express brings more foreign products to inland China

Freight trains along the China-Europe route continued to deliver a wide variety of goods and products from countries along the Belt and Road to their final destination in China dur…

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