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"CPC Kindled Hope for Many Young People" — Foreign Journalist Walter Bosshard's Experience in Yan'an

Silent Documentary Journey to Yan'anby Walter Bosshard Walter Bosshard, a pioneer of modern photojournalism from Switzerland, was the first European journalist to visit Yan'an an…


The Happiest and Most Meaningful Two Years in My Life — Stories of Chinese Communists in Norman Bethune's Last Letter

"Dear Commander Nie, I feel really unwell today. Perhaps I have to bid farewell to you forever! … I still have so much to say to our comrades. I'm afraid I'm not able to write …


“A Communist Sharing A Close Bond with the People Has Enormous Courage and Strength” — “Uncle Big-Nose” Jakob Rosenfeld and His Friendship with China

In 1939, Jakob Rosenfeld, an Austrian Jew, fled to Shanghai from Nazi persecution. After witnessing the atrocities of the invading Japanese army, he volunteered to join the New Fou…


The CPC: Representing the Fundamental Interests of the Masses — American Journalist Jack Belden on Why the CPC Could Succeed

In 1933, an American journalist Jack Belden traveled across the Pacific Ocean to China, a country in the midst of war. Soon after his arrival, Belden found that Mao Zedong, a house…


"I Heard the Last Artillery Fire of the Huaihai Campaign" — The Story between American Journalist Seymour Topping and the CPC

On 10 January, 1949, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) won the great victory of the Huaihai Campaign after 66 days of strenuous fight. One of the people there to witness how the g…

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