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Village in E China's Jiangxi hailed as 'rural art gallery without a roof'

   People's Daily Online   09:32, May 25, 2023

A tea garden in Shiziyuan village, Fuliang county, east China's Jiangxi Province. (Photo courtesy of the publicity department of the Party committee in Fuliang county)

Dubbed as "a rural art gallery without a roof," tea gardens in Shiziyuan village, Fuliang county, east China's Jiangxi Province attract throngs of tourists, although the harvest season was days ago.

Tea is a pillar industry in Shiziyuan. In recent years, the village has built tea processing factories, introduced advanced tea picking methods and tea making techniques, and ramped up ecological protection in an effort to improve the quality of tea leaves.

There are six tea cooperatives in the village and through them, the local villagers contracted 1,200 mu (80 hectares) of land to plant tea, being able to increase their incomes.

As a 4A rural tourist spot in China, the second-highest in China's tourist attraction rating system, Shiziyuan is also the place where an art project is located.

Under the project, 26 renowned artists from around the world were invited to create 27 pieces of artwork in the village using resources such as farmland, unoccupied residential houses, abandoned factories and public facilities. These efforts have injected renewed vitality into the village.