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Young man does booming business preserving "clouds" in ornaments

A young man has turned his hobby of watching clouds into a lucrative business by making ornaments with artificial clouds preserved inside them. In 2020, he sold nearly half a milli…


Creating stunning Domino patterns with playing cards

Dominoes is a game, a sport, and is also a kind of culture. A vlogger named Leng Feng, who now has over 900,000 followers, builds his dominoes “kingdoms” using ordinary playing…


China creates green miracles through strenuous efforts

China accounts for 25 percent of the global net increase in leaf area in the past nearly 20 years, leading the world in greening effort, and the country's forest coverage rate has …


Digital technologies speed up recovery of China's tourism sector

Modern information technologies are transforming the tourism industry and speeding up the recovery of the tourism market in China amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While tourist destin…


Troupe attracts more young people to Chinese Peking Opera

A Beijing-based Peking Opera troupe with a history of more than 80 years has drawn more and more young people to Peking Opera through a series of explorations and innovations while…

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