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Dame Jessica Rawson: Unearthing ancient Chinese wisdom through cultural relics

In the long corridors of history, some dedicate their lives to unveiling the mysteries of bygone civilizations. Dame Jessica Rawson, a distinguished British art historian, archaeol…


Marine plastics reduction initiative boosts local incomes in E China's Zhejiang

Blue Circle, a new model for processing marine plastic waste initiated jointly by the Department of Ecology and Environment of Zhejiang Province in east China and VisionBlue Techno…


Dynamic rainbow clouds captured in Ning'er, SW China's Yunnan

A striking display of iridescent clouds, also known as rainbow clouds, was observed in Ning'er Hani and Yi Autonomous County, Pu'er city, southwest China's Yunnan Province, on Nov.…


"Next China" is still China

A wave of executives from prominent foreign companies have been visiting China since the start of the year, seeking opportunities to expand their cooperation with partners in the c…


Shenzhen: A growing hub of fashion and style

Shenzhen, the youngest first-tier city in China, is often associated with technology, innovation, and speed. However, a vibrant fashion culture is steadily emerging and intertwinin…

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